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Tree shaping & pruning


Trees need trimming to grow into healthy, beautiful, mature trees you can enjoy for decades.

Tree trimming:
Kenton Garden Services have equipment and the expertise to provide tree removal services for any tree, any size, anywhere. Tree removal is recommended when the tree is damaged, dead, or dying, causing obstruction or hazards, or when a replacement of a more suitable tree is needed.

Tree pruning / shaping:
Pruning is the practice of cutting of branches to improve the shape and growth of trees. This is the most common tree maintenance procedure. Tree pruning on overgrown trees and shrubs restores aesthetics and structural integrity while improving overall plant health. It is one of the most important management practices for your landscape.

Tree pruning can also be done for safety and storm damage risk management. Usually, tree pruning is a preventative measure to remove dead branches, crowded or rubbing limbs, eliminate overhanging branches or to increase light and air penetration and let the wind sail through safely.

Our highly trained specialists use time tested pruning methods to improve the natural shape of your trees. Professional tree pruning experts can improve the aesthetics and health of your trees while protecting their vitality and maintaining their value.

It is vital to a tree’s health to maintain balance and proportion. It is important to use proper pruning methods, as a broken tree branch can never grow back. With professional care and expertise, it is possible to force and guide a tree’s new growth patterns successfully.

Tree topping:
Tree topping is the removal or cutting of large branches at the crown of the tree. Topping a tree is usually done in order to prevent damage to the tree or its surroundings. Typically trees must be maintained at a certain distance from power lines and utilities in order to maintain safety. Because imbalance or shallow root systems can often lead to a fallen tree, tree trimming can often be the best way to save a tree from itself. Trimming is a very delicate matter and it does require knowledge of species-specific issues in order to achieve optimal results.

Tree thinning:
Thinning is done to reduce wind sail on large tree – allowing wind to pass through the tree more safely and thus avoiding blowing the tree over.

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