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Awesome fences


We will design and install a wooden, wire, electric or PVC fence for your home or business. Our fence installation team have years of experience in building fences. When you drive around in the area you will definitely spot some of our handy work.

Wooden fences: our treated timber fences last for many years and require virtually no maintenance. All wood used on our fences are treated to last as long as possible.

Wire fences: a variety of wire fences are available.
– Weld Mesh Fencing
– Jackal Fencing
– Diamond Mesh Fencing
– Bonnox Fencing

PVC fences: beautifully made fences in different shapes and sizes.


Electric fences: we install electric fences on existing and new structures.

Razor Wire & Security Fences: Flat trap, Ripper Razor, Ribbon,

Wall Spikes

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